"I can't imagine my life without music. It's food for the soul" -Karen Holness... "Music is the essence of my life.. it's massive." -Tamara Podemski... "Without music I would be nowhere. It's always been in my life, even in kindergarden my teacher made me sing for show and tell." -Melanie Durrant... "Music makes my life gorgeous and full of colours" -Thom Allison... "Without music life would be black and white" -Dean McNeil... "Without music life would be pretty boring" -Charles Azulay... "Music is the one thing I have been passionate about my whole life. It brings me happiness." -Jeremy Kushnier... "I would be a lot less happy." -Dean Balkwill... "I don't know what I would do without music. My life has changed that's for sure." -Dominique Roy... "Music conveys emotion that otherwise you would not be able to convey." -Damian Perkins... "In many ways music is my life. I'd be lost without it." -Divine Earth Essence... "Without music I'd be in the grave :)." -Jenifer Aubry... "Music is my life. It's a gift from god." -Karen LeBlanc... "Music is what I base my whole life on." -Chad Richardson...

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